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Nirmal's Artbox by Nirmal Bindra

About the

Brand Story

India-born Nirmal Bindra is a distinguished artist of abstract modern art, an international artist that uses vibrant, bold and colorful flavors to express his optimistic view of the world around him. Self-taught by the narrative master of global repute Mr. M.F. Husain, Nirmal’s work has been inspired
by the uniqueness of his art.

The Challenge

Nirmal Bindra wanted a complete overhaul and rebrand of his artistry. Though his illustrative art had been a favorite in the galleries of professional painters and artists, he struggled to sell his art and realize what they’re really worth! He needed his personal brand to be positioned at the go-to expert and authority in the creative industry, build online presence with one consistent look, and articulate : what he did?, who to serve?, and what transformation can he provide with his art?!

What We Created

Some knew where to find Nirmal's art but the other half had no clue if it existed. We applied the Max Jaar approach, the Personal Brand Positioning Strategy.
- The first step was creating his personal brand 'Nirmal's Artbox (by Nirmal Bindra)' helping Nirmal reach this half and let them know what makes his art unique.
- A personal website and bio easy to find : the first thing that'd come up when someone searches for his name.
- Helping him sell his art online
- Helping the artist collaborate with other artists to get his name out there.
- Launching Facebook and Instagram profiles, and linking to other artists and doing guest posts.
- Helping the artist collaborate and exhibit at galleries : marketing the brand to ensure gallery owners, performance venues, etc. know that Nirmal's Artbox by Nirmal Bindra exists and is looking to collaborate/exhibit.