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City Park group of Hotels & Resorts

About the

Brand Story

A collection of luxury resorts, business stays, luxurious events and unique getaways define CPGHR’s hospitality focussed approach. It’s properties speaks of style, sophistication, and refinement.

The group was posed with an identity conflict and culinary experience that was limiting. They needed repositioning of their luxe-budget properties City Park Resorts as the preferred experiential hospitality chain for millennials and modern spirited users.

What We Created

Max Jaar helped CPGHR with the renascence of luxurious resort properties under the City Park banner in order to further unlock the growth potential of each of them, also unlocking the equity of 'culinary' brands under CPGHR banner like Cafe Masala (luxurious fine dining) and Fuji (Japanese restaurant).

The new liberated CPGHR brand experience is more personalized - with a touch of surprise in design, visual tone & service. Its identity system is dynamic and assertive for it's modern spirited users.