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Equinox_Home Healthcare

Brand Story

Equinox is a reputed Home Healthcare focused enterprise in India. The new-age Equinox Q-Series eHealth monitoring smart devices, aims at bringing the Health, Wellness and Lifestyle industry a series of proactive mobile and web applications, that can help people better manage and maintain their own health and that of their loved ones.

The Challenge

Equinox needed positioning of the brand in the highly competitive eHealth market and minds of it’s consumers. They were looking to reflect a shift in focus, while providing a fresh image to the modern users in the Health and Fitness segment.

What We Created

We began working with Equinox in 2015; they had spent 18 years growing their customer base through grassroots marketing and analog health monitoring devices. But in order to withstand major headwinds entering the Wearable and eHealth category, we knew we needed to present a “brand identity” highly relevant to the masses, but also extremely personal to individual users.

With 'Stay Connected with the Healthier You' campaign, Max Jaar communized the idea of comprehensive healthcare, making it accessible to anyone who simply wanted to monitor their health vitals and improve themselves (which was pretty much everybody).